Our Team


Mic Mittasch

Executive Director

Mic has an extensive engineering background and before taking over at Mitchells he had worked for the US based company, Cargill, for 15 years in various locations in Australia, with the last 5 years in China. He has been involved in many major projects, both in China and abroad, from the conceptual design through to operation. Outside the company, Mic is heavily involved in Australian Rules football in China. Together with Mitchells, he gave up a generous percentage of his time and personal finances to support the Chinese National Team in both the 2008 and 2011 International Cups. In 2011 he won the Australia China Alumni Association (ACAA) award for Entrepreneurship in Beijing.

Mark Holden


Mark has over 25 years experience in the industrial refrigeration and cold storage business and is also the owner of the Australian company Oomiak. While managing and developing his business in Australia, Mark continues to look for business development opportunities for further expansion into China.

Eytan Uliel


Eytan is based in Singapore and is the founder and principal of Uliel Investments, a direct investment firm with a focus on Asia. Previously he was a managing director and senior executive at two private equity businesses, responsible for Asian investment activities. His leadership role on the company board brings a wealth of corporate experience in the Asian Region.

Scott Chen

Chief Financial Officer

In Singapore, Scott Chen is our CFO for the Mitchells Group. Scott has more than six years of banking and finance, corporate finance and mergers and acquisitions experience with a focus on oil & gas, commodities, financial technology, infrastructure, and venture capital.

Gavril Emanouilov

Engineering Manager

Gavril is Bulgarian and has been in China since the year 2000, where he has been able to add a forth language to his arsenal! He is a mechanical engineer with a master’s degree in thermo-engineering with a two year specialisation in fluid mechanics. Gavril joined Mitchells Equipment as the Engineering Manager in 2006, and leads all engineering and manufacturing projects.

Zhang Chunying

Legal Counsel

Zhang Chunying started working from 1984 and has been awarded “Top Ten Excellent Lawyer of Lang Fang”. Ms Zhang has been engaged as the legal counsel for various government organizations and large/medium sized enterprises. She is a specialist in litigation, non-litigation cases, and different types of contract disputes.

John Qiu

Sales Manager

John has over 10 years of experience in Sales, Marketing and Customer Relationship Management in the heavy equipment manufacturing sector. John’s broad experience base has seen him nurture client relationships into tender bids, lead commercial and technical negotiations, monitoring and management projects to completion, and provide continued after sales support to customers with a focus in China, but also Asia, the Middle East and Europe. John graduated from Anhui University of Science and Technology in 2004, and holds a Bachelor of Engineering, majoring in Mineral Process Engineering.

Wu Ruihai

majored in law and is a graduate from Hebei University. He started working from 2003. He specializes in contract dispute, corporation legal affairs, and real estate cases.

Engineering Team

Cao Kai

Technical Account Manager

Cao Kai graduated from Jilin Industrial University in 1984, majoring in forging. Since starting with Mitchells in 1995, he has been involved in the technological selection and design of bulk material handling systems for projects in China and around the world.

Jiang Yunzhu

Technical Account Manager

Jiang Yunzhu is a long standing veteran of the Mitchells team, initially starting when the workshop was in Harbin. Due to the vast number of years Ms Jiang has spent with Mitchells, she has a supreme knowledge of our products and efficiently serves our customers both locally and internationally. She has led the design on many projects and is a specialist in Australian equipment safety regulations.

Li Lin

Project Manager

Li Lin graduated from North China Institute of Science and Technology in 2000, majoring in mechanical and electronic engineering. Li Lin worked as a mechanical designer before joining Mitchells in 2003. As well as working on projects for the Feed and Oilseed industry, Lin Li is a key engineer when it comes to the design and manufacture of very specialized screw conveyors for handling non-agricultural materials.

Song Yaxin

Project Manager

Song Yaxin joined Mitchells in November 2012 as a Project Manager. She has worked in the Machinery Manufacturing industry for over 20 years, specializing in Bucket Elevator and Belt Conveyor design.

Helen Wang

Project Assistant Manager

Helen has been with Mitchells since 2002, where she began as an administrator. However her organisational savvy and negotiation skills led her to spend several years working in procurement, before realising her true potential overseeing the engineering projects as an assistant manager.

Li Xiaopei

Technical Account Engineer

Li Xiaopei joined Mitchells in late 2007 to assist in equipment design and with customer service. Since graduating from Hebei Normal University where she specialized in mechanical manufacturing she has worked diligently with the engineering team delivery projects in a wide range of industries.

Xue Dongsheng

Electrical Engineer

After his graduation from Hebei Normal University where he specialized in Electrical Automation, Xuedongsheng had one year of on field experience as an electrician. He joined Mitchells at the beginning of 2010 to strengthen our capacity for design of electrical and control systems. Since then, he has worked diligently with the engineering team on all projects that have required electrical systems. More recently he has designed, installed and commissioned the electrical and control aspects of two turnkey projects for milling and pneumatic conveying of coal and clays.

Wu Chundong, Wang Bin, Wang Huan


These younger members joined the Mitchells team between early 2011 to 2012, to further strengthen our design and engineering capacity.

Technical Team

Zou Hongwei

Production Supervisor

Zou Hongwei has been with Mitchells since production first began in 1994! Over the years, not only has he accumulated significant experience in the fabrication and construction of bulk handling equipment, but has also developed a profound understanding of the design process. This complete understanding has made him the ideal link between the design stage and the factory floor.

Tan Fuyi

Deputy Production Supervisor

Tan Fuyi’s experience extends beyond the already impressive 10 years at Mitchells. Initial skills he developed though working in mechanics machining, management and maintenance are now at the point where he is overseeing projects throughout the Mitchells workshop. Tan’s additional understanding of the design process further improves his management of production.

Zhang Xiaohong

Quality Assurance Inspector

Zhang Xiaohong joined the Mitchells team in 2012 with over 16 years experience in the QA field. Originally a graduate from Shanxi 541 College, she has worked for several machinery and electronics companies in both Shanxi and Hebei provinces.

Wang Gang, Zhao Wu, Liu Zhijun, Zuo Dongwei

Senior Technicians

These group leaders provide experience and guidance on the factory floor to ensure the high quality manufacturing Mitchells has built its reputation on.

Procurement Team

Chen Li

Raw Materials Purchaser

Chen Li has also been with Mitchells since 2002 as the purchaser of raw materials, predominately steel. It is Chen Li’s tremendous purchasing experience and dedication during this time that have greatly contributed to the quality of Mitchells Equipment as it exceeds quality standards worldwide.