Mitchell’s History


  • Where It All Began

    In 1978 Mitchell Mill Systems (MMS) Canada was established in Newton, Ontario Canada to provide design, manufacture and installation services primarily to the grain, feed, fertiliser and pet and fish food industries.

  • 公司创始



  • Moving Into China

    In 1994 a joint venture was established with a local partner in Harbin, China for the manufacture of material handling equipment (elevators, screws, drag and belt conveyors, associated distribution equipment and dust collectors)—initially to support the Asian growth of MMS’s North American customer. However, in 1998 the joint venture agreement was terminated. In 1999 the business was re-established as MMS (Sanhe), a wholly foreign owned enterprise, this time in the Beijing area.

  • 进入中国

    米切尔公司于1994年与中方合资在中国哈尔滨投资建厂,主要致力于制造物料输送设备(斗式提升机,螺旋输送机,刮板输送机和皮带输送机,以及相关的物料分配和除尘设施)— 最初服务于米切尔公司北美客户在亚洲的生意扩展。然而,1998年合作协议被终止。1999年,米切尔公司(三河)在北京周边成立,为外商独资企业。


  • A Change In Ownership, A Change In Management

    In 2006 MMS (Sanhe) was bought by Mitchells’ Holdings (Asia) Pte Ltd, a wholly Australian owned company, following Paul Mitchell’s retirement. Australian engineer, Michael Mittasch was appointed the Executive Director and he is still based full time in China. This change proved to be a turning point in the company’s history, with the introduction of strategic growth strategies helping to realise Mitchells’ true, global business potential.

  • 所有权变动,管理阶层变动

    2006年,随着保罗 米切尔先生的退休,米切尔饲料工程(三河)有限公司被一个澳洲人完全拥有的公司,米切尔控股(亚洲)有限公司收购。 澳洲人,米歇尔 密塔克先生被任命为执行董事,全身致力于公司在中国的经营。正是从这时开始,在米切尔公司发展的历史上确定了公司壮大的潜力以及发展策略开始实施。