Products & Services

    Parts & Suppliers

  • All Mitchells’ equipment is manufactured using the best local and imported components, with all equipment featuring the following:

    • Gearboxes – SEW Eurodrive, Flender, FALK, Dodge, Nord
    • Electric Motors – SEW, Siemens, ABB, WEG
    • Couplings – FALK, Renolds, Dodge, KTR
    • Bearings – SKF, Dodge, FAG, NTN
    • Conveyor Belting – STIF, Goodyear, Legg, Fenner-Dunlop
    • Conveyor Chain – Welded Steel, DIN / ISO, Drop Forge
    • Elevator Buckets – Maxilift, STIF, 4B Braime
    • Sensors – 4B Braime, P&F, Electro Sensor, Monitor
    • Pneumatics – Festo
    • Explosion Venting – Rembe, Fike

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    Onsite Services

  • Mitchells’ commitment to quality doesn’t stop at the factory door. Allow us to assist you at all stages:

    • Plant and equipment design
    • Site assembly
    • Testing and commissioning
    • Project supervision and coordination
    • Maintenance and repair works